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Pixy with Pig (2007) from PixyCo > Christmas Articles  |  Print  |  Email item to a friend
Price: EUR 32,50
 (USD 35,10)

No. 675

Christmas Figure by PixyCo

As every child in Denmark knows; pixies grow very old. The Pixy Co-pixies are no exception from that rule.The first Pixy Co-pixy was created as early as 1948 by the Danish ceramist Bodil Melander. They are unique Danish design, each one handmade and with its own special characteristics.

In 1948 Bodil Melander was a student at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts. That year the December exercise sounded: ‘Create a Christmas decoration’. She designed a series of pixies and won first prize. Following the initial succes of 1948 she has been adding new pixies to the ever expanding family. With love and talent she has given birth to a happy and charming family of pixies that now are collector’s items around the world. Once in the family the pixies are often passed on to the next generation.

Bodil Melander passed away a few years ago. but the Pixy Co-pixies are still with us, just as their ’artist mother’ Bodil Melander would have wanted it.

Today the pixies are cared for by Anne Thane who acts a first class ’stand-in mother’. The pixies are still created in careful accordance with Bodil Melander’s ideas. Each year new pixy designs are developed. One of them is chosen to be the ‘Pixy of the year’ and a year mark is stamped in the bottom to signify the ‘Collector’s item status’.

Pixies always make splendid gifts. They instantly create a feeling of cosiness and joy with both giver and receiver. Once you (yourself) discover the fascinating world of the Pixy Co-pixies your collection will continue to grow.

We wish you many moments of joy and happines with your personal collection of pixies.


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